The Super Pool app is available for Android devices. Sighing up with Super Pool is simple: Just type in your name, Company email address, company name, Home and Office address to sign up. You can always update your profile through profile tab.
The times you should provide are the estimates when you need to leave your home/work in order to arrive in time. For ride seekers keep in mind that the Rider might get late due to heavy traffic on roads, os plan with some buffer time. As a Rider, make sure you set a leaving time that is flexible enough to pick up some lovely super pool poolers.
Phone number verification is one of the security measures for our system to maintain unique car pooler identity. Also, a valid phone no. is used for sign up and now you can easily login using your phone number. Note: Super Pool does not share your details with any 3rd party. Your phone number is not displaced on your profile and can only be used by another user when you have confirmed to ride with them.
here is no cost to use the Super Pool app. However, there is a 10% platform fee on Wallet paid rides. This fee is calculated based on 10% of the driver's total compensation.
Whether you are a Seeker or a Rider, all Super Pool members save money with Super Pool. Per kilometre prices are decided by the super pool. Therefore, cost will always remain reasonable to both the seeker and the rider.
Add money to Super Pool wallet through PayTm, the easiest way today. The ride amount will get locked and will be paid to the rider at the end of the ride. We do not follow cash system to make money process safe and clean.
To rate a user, you must have completed a ride with them. After each ride, you'll have the opportunity to rate your Rider or Seeker. Rating the ride is really important to our system; that’s how the next Rider or Seeker can check the user's history. Your feedback may have an impact on that user’s acceptance, so it’s important to be responsible with your rating.
You've scheduled a ride with someone and confirmed it, but now they are not replying? This can happen and it's unfortunate but not all is lost. In case you do not get an answer within a reasonable time period, we recommend that you cancel the ride and find someone else to carpool with.
As sometimes schedules change, so we allow you to cancel a ride at any time but keep in mind that Super Pool is a carpooling system and other people may be affected by the cancellation so be nice and let them know in advance so they can look out for other ways to commute or other seekers for their carpool.
Sometimes your pickup/drop-off location isn't on a Rider’s route. So that the rider doesn't have to drive too far off-route, we suggest a point as a fair compromise. Ideally, the suggested meeting location will be in close range to your pick up or drop-off points and on or closer to the actual route of the rider. As it is a suggestion, we encourage users to call before the carpool to agree on the pickup/drop-off points that both parties agree on.
As soon as a you have accepted the ride request, you will get a notification from super pool telling you so. Please make sure you allowed Super Pool to send you push notifications, so you won't miss a ride!
Yes, you can request up to 2 seats for you and your colleague/friend.
You will always have an option to cancel a ride at the top right corner of the ride screen. Please do consider once before cancelling a ride once you a rider is assigned to you.
We have fixed the fare per kilometre so as to maintain the cost of the ride as per convenience of all the users at Super Pool.
Click on the offer ride button, set source – destination, time and number of seats you want to offer then hit confirm to broadcast your request. We will show the request to the matching seekers. As soon as seekers accept your request they will be automatically assigned to you and you will be notified through push notification.
Any car in proper condition can be used. We are not a taxi company, but a carpooling community. Super Pool is like giving a ride to a friend. Therefore, there are fewer restrictions. The car should be safe and insured, for sure.
Yes, it totally up to you on how many seats do you wish to offer.
No worries, you can always login again by typing in your mobile number and getting an OTP to verify it for login purpose.
Firstly, is there anything we can do to help?
If not, we'll be sad to see you go but we hope to see you again soon!
In order for us to delete your account, please send an email to support@superpool.co.in. Make sure you write from the email address linked to your account.
Safety is our top priority and to ensure that we’ve built specific mechanisms to make it safer!
All users are verified via phone number and work email.
In addition to that our user profiles provide many required details:
  • Super Pool system ratings & comments
  • Number of rides given/taken
  • User profile pictures
  • Car model (Riders only)

License plate number is mandatory for Riders, this way seekers can check if the car that shows up matches the description of the car in Super Pool.
As a Seeker or a rider, you have access to every potential passenger profile and can check it before the ride.
Super Pool is a carpooling community with a mission of reducing traffic congestion & pollution in our cities, where car owners are able to share their empty seats with people commuting in the same direction for work and/or home. Super Pool plays the role of a social platform connecting people commuting in the same direction and allows them to coordinate the carpooling details directly with each other conveniently. Super Pool helps car owners partly cover the cost of fuel. With the suggested fare, it is not possible for car owners to make a profit out of it.
It is no problem to carpool as long as you aren’t making a profit/business out of it! Carpooling with Super Pool is just like giving a friend a ride.
You can trust us with your data!
The privacy of your information is one of our priorities. Our Privacy Policy is designed to tell you about our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information that you may provide. If you would like to know more, please see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.