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As more and more people move into the Cities & move up the income ladder, they start owning their own vehicles. First one per family & then multiple cars in a family. Quite a few of these use their cars to Commute to the office because the Public transport systems are not very convenient. This leads to major Traffic jams & increase in pollution. Another major problem cropping up because of this is Parking of the vehicles in the Offices & the residential areas.

The long Commute times in the traffic makes a Person stressed both at Office & Home. The Stress & the Polluted environment leads to Health hazards. At the Company & the Country level, the loss in productivity is massive. Not to talk about burning of the Foreign exchange as the country has to import the oil.

Super Pool is the answer for most of the problems mentioned above. It is an effective car/bike pooling app, which aims at enabling easy and shared commute to work with a reduction in traffic, cost and time. The benefits of pooling together include:

  • Convenient & Cost Effective.
  • Saving 5Kg of CO2 emission from entering the air per person per day.
  • Saving of precious Foreign Exchange for the country.
  • Building strong bonds with the colleagues which in turn will help in making the work environment more amiable.

The SuperPool app enables the users to use the money saved while pooling to support a child or for women welfare or to plant a tree. Through this app one can empower not just environment conservation, but also the community. So, just be seated, relax and drive to work with Super Pool!

Awesome features

SuperPool connects the commuters travelling in the same direction in real time. Schedule the rides instantly for an immediate ride or well in advance for upcoming rides. View the users going in the same direction and connect.


Verified users and vehicles.

Owner Incentive

They can make money over pooling.

Saves Daily Route

Owner post one time vs. daily on Competitors.

Ease of Use

Filter by gender, age,car/bike & Time.


Browse Owner/Guest profiles, and book in 1 min  .

Design and Brand

Memorable name will launch to gain share of mind. 

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